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CLM & e-Detailing
Interactive digital presentations, CLM, eDetailing are modern marketing tools that help promoting your product or service and collecting feedback both online and offline.

Postscriptum provides the Оne Stop-Shop developing service for these tools.

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CLM презентация, интерактивная презентация, презентация для SalesForce, презентация для MI, презентация для Veeva
We are certified
Graphic design and
Art direction
Design all types of printing materials and POSm.

Brand and Corporate Identity. Brand manuals and guidelines development and localization.

Digital design.

Key Visuals. Development of images for promotional materials.

Design ads for placement on any sites.

Design posters and outdoor advertising.

Content development, copywriting, rewriting and professional medical expertise.
Apps for interactive panels
Using tablets and touch-panels for training, testing, quiz, guest registration and other interaction activities is currently a crucial part of special events.

Not only it helps strengthen the engagement of the target audience but also helps make the process more flexible, memorable and effective.
CLM презентация, интерактивная презентация, презентация для SalesForce, презентация для MI, презентация для Veeva
Video production

Corporate film, вusiness profile video, presentation video, educational video, ads and commercials, 3D medical animation, 2D infographic and animation, video message and interview, localization, doodle, product explainer, video lecture, animatic and much more.

Postscriptum finds it highly productive and effective to use videos in an interactive presentation.

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We have implemented a large number of successful projects, we are also following current trends
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Over 20,000 projects
By the time the company was founded, the founders had had extensive experience in the industry, which is constantly accumulating and transferring to the new professionals.
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We do not advertise ourselves. We have obtained most of the clients through recommendations. Our client's success means more to us than stress and overtime.
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